Thursday, January 14, 2021

Use By, Best By, Sell By Food Expiration Dates

 Do you look at your canned goods and see the dates on the cans? Then throw the can out because it is one day after the so called expiration date?

I was fending for myself for supper the other night. I wish I had some cooking skills, but I don't. I have often said if i have to cook for myself i will starve. Anyway, with my great chefness i decided to open a can of pinto beans and heat it up. Then chop up a weiner and put in with the beans. Mmm,mmm good.

The date on the can was something like april 2017. I used it anyway, nothing wrong with the beans. Anyway, i found an old post about this subject and decided to share with you.

Use-by, Best-by, Sell-by | Food Expiration Dates


  1. Yea...I think they put that on there knowing most people will throw them out after the date, forcing the person to go out and buy more.
    If the can isn't dented or swolen, 99.99% chance that it's still good product even a few years after said date.

  2. Had an ex wife that use to do that, throw away good food we had stocked and I finally broke her of the habit. I told her it is a good idea to rotate our stock and use those up first, even if it was a year or two past it's expiration date. Damn ding bell people, glad I ain't married to that anymore....

  3. With just the 2 of us here, i don't get to rotate stock as much as i should. Can't feed the dog beans, she farts too much.

  4. the only bad experience I had with using expired food was with a can of tomato paste. I was a year out, but not expanded. I used it anyway, even though I was not convinced at the time that it smelled right. I made the lasagne, and was sick for two days; no appetite, dizziness, and slight nausea. I tossed out the whole batch.
    even dry beans can go bad after expiration, if not sealed air tight. I threw out several pounds of dried beans as they stunk badly, after being expired for several years. Now I put all dried beans and rice into food saver bags...flour too can smell funny after a couple years of improper storage.
    If the cans are expanded, toss 'em immediately. Botulism is absolutely lethal.
    Canned fruit seems to last longer after expiration; must be the acid.

    1. yep, i check the cans closely when i open them. any bad odor and out they go.