Sunday, January 24, 2021

Looks Like There Isn't Going to Be a Patriot Party

 “Top pro-Trump Republicans close to the Trump administration told The Daily Wire that they thought it was a ‘bad idea’ and that it would split enough support away from the Republican Party that it would ensure Democrats stay in the majority for quite some time into the future,”

Trump Has Political Plans For 2022, Abandons Idea Of Creating Third Political Party: Report


  1. No, it would not. Just as we saw vote counts in excess of the number of registered voters in places, we would see registered democrats vote Trump, again. That is why we saw more than100% of registered voters

    Unless we get rid of the fraudulent votes, nothing matters

    1. I wish he would start a new party. At first, it would split votes away from rino repub, but by the second election i think it would be bigger than both parties put together.