Friday, January 29, 2021

They Want to Deprogram You

 They want to deprogram you. Because you are a part of the Cult of Trump. Remember Jim Jones? It's that on steroids they say.


How would you go about deprogramming them? 

308? 223? 7.62x39?


  1. 7.62x54R from about 600-800 yards.

    1. I have one of those but am not good enough to shoot that far. It is a really good round though. With the added bayonet you can almost stab them at 800 yards. I watched a video a guy was shooting his at 800 yards and making a very small group consistently.

    2. I put it in a Center Balance System stock, added the bipod, and slapped on a nice strong scope.
      As long as you understand ballistics and the effects of gravity, wind, temp. on the round, sometimes it's more difficult to miss than it is to hit the