Monday, January 25, 2021

I Screwed Up

 Boy, I screwed up. I didn't keep a close enough eye on my propane tank level. Went out to check it and Boom! It's at 24% and going down, baby.

It will be delivered wednesday, i don't think we will run out, but dang, I should have been paying closer attention.(When i was a kid we were so poor i couldn't even pay attention.)

So a belated new year resolution will be: Pay Attention Dumbass!!

Hope I can keep that one.

Even if you don't use propane for anything, have you ever thought about where it comes from, how it's delivered, what other things can be made from it?

For example, acetone and propylene glycol are derived from it. Look at the ingredients of some of your foods, and you may find propylene glycol.

Anyway, I think we will pay around $2.45 a gallon for it, when it arrives wednesday.



  1. LP gas is transformed into ethylene in some of the local petrochemical facilities. It's then turned into polyethylene, which is used for the plastics people find in just about everything they own.

    1. It is amazing to me the interrelationships of some of the chemicals i used to sell in my water treatment formulas with how they are used in items in everyday life.

  2. Had that happen to us when we lived in Georgia. Flat out ran out on a sub-freezing night. The gauge still registered gas in the tank, but nothing was there.
    They sent out an emergency crew to fill up the tank and replace the faulty gauge that night.
    Thank God I had some portable electric heaters so that we could collect in a room to stay warm.

    1. Yep, we have a few electric heaters, but our main savior is the fireplace. We have an insert in it that we burn most of the time during winter. This winter we haven't used it as much, and thus the over consumption of propane for this month.

    2. As luck would have it, my house was the only one in the cul-de-sac that had no