Friday, January 29, 2021

Rollout Solar Panels

 I was reading at Wired Right  just now and ran across this video:

RollOut Solar Panels

Note: Please bear in mind the units at the linked website are 50hz models, not the 60hz we use in amerika.

I am a fan of solar panels. I am not a fanatic like the greenies, i realize the environmental cost, but i think they make a lot of sense. But i don't want to get rid of my fossil fuel powered electricity, because i do like my comforts. But just like in the stock market, diversity can be the key.

However, solar panels do make a lot of sense to use as an emergency backup power supply.( And yes, I know solar only works when the sun is shining. But at least you can run your fridge during the day, and leave it closed at night, unless you have enough battery power.)

 Generators provide electricity, but when you run out of fuel, what do you do? In many emergencies, fuel is in short supply, and when you run out, you are done. I have about 40 gallons in stock here, and i run my generator at least once a month to ensure it runs. Recently i had a problem with it. It would run a few minutes, then die. I screwed with that thing for 2 months trying to make it run right. I finally determined it was dying because it was low on oil, it has  a low oil cutoff switch. But. I religiously checked the oil on this thing, and it was full. Stupid me. I found ANOTHER oil port on the otherside of the motor which  is a full 1 inch higher than the one I was checking. I was low on oil.

Point being, if that was happening during one of my emergencies i hope to be able to survive, we would have been in trouble power wise.

In the 12 years I have lived in this house i am in now, we have lost power about 4 times, one of those was at thanksgiving for about 24 hours. A small solar system i have allowed us to run 2 refrigerators and a freezer until power was restored. So i think they have their uses.

I went to the link for these panels i saw at the video. They have some roll out style power panel systems available which would work good for construction sites or just about anywhere. 

Here is the link to that: Fast Fold Panels

Go to the link for products and check out the Fast Fold energy system. I don't know the cost for that but it looks interesting. 

But, your mileage may vary. You may not like the renewable energy systems. As i said, diversification in your energy needs is not all bad, and may save your bacon someday. Especially in light of the coming festivities.

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