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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

A Short Post on Treating Drinking Water

Difference Between Chlorine and Chloramine Water Treatment 

Locally a new water line from point somewhere to point who the hell knows is being laid. In the process they have placed a backflow preventer in the turning lane at road 36 and ave 12. 

Normally out here where I am none of our community wells have disinfection treatment. When I saw the new pipework, I started thinking about that, and found this article. Thought I would share.


  1. There is another way to remove chloramine from treated water that is used by brewers. Add one Campden tablet per 20 gallons of water and let it sit for about a half hour....

    1. Had to look up Campden tablet and you are right, that is a tried and true method.

  2. After having aquariums for years, I always used Amquel; something sold by aquarium stores to remove chloramines.
    Chlorine can be removed by allowing your water to sit out in the sun for a day...that's why swimming pools require constant chlorine addition, as it disappears quickly...
    As the article said, r/o water removes chloramines, as long as the filter uses activated carbon in addition to the r/o membrane.
    I did not know that Campden tablets remove chloramines, and I've been homebrewing for over 20 years...learn something every day, right?

    1. One more must aireate the water using the's the bubbles that remove the chloramine when the Amquel is added..