Monday, October 25, 2021

Asshoe Gov. Newsom Signs Executive Order

Newsom Signs Executive Order Aimed at Alleviating Port Congestion

 Our asshole governor newsom has signed an executive order to help alleviate the shipping container backlog. 

Part of this order lifts some weight restrictions. Wonder how this will play out on our roads? Which happen to be the worst in the country already. 

Who knows if this will help or not, but all he cares about is the optics. When he runs for prez he will pull this out of his ass and say how he singlehandedly saved the shipping container day.

Buncha stupid assholes in sacramento.


  1. Dingleberry Governor is just jumping on the bandwagon Florida Governor DeSantis started.

    1. I would like to smack his dingleberries with a bat.