Saturday, October 23, 2021

The Week in WTF??

 You gotta keep readin till you get to the tattooed villain and get a look at this guys mug.

THE WEEK IN WTF? 10/22/21


  1. More then WTF, scary, insane clown asylum...

    1. How would you like to go into the local zip n rip about 2:30 am and see this thing there?

  2. That he FAILED to get the poor woman raped is good, I'm glad he failed, but how humiliating to try So Hard to be such a Badass and wind up getting run off by the boyfriend and making your escape on a frikkin bicycle!!???
    It's Got to be some kinda record to make oneself perfectly identifiable and then make yourself the object of a manhunt.
    So,maaybe not so bright,, you think?