Friday, October 29, 2021

Oh Hell, Here We Go

 Would you believe there is a potential isis terrorist threat right here in the good ole usofa? 

Well, There Sure As Shit Is.

Joe biden and crew are to blame for this. If a threat exists and something happens this weekend the only ones to blame are GODDAMN DEMOCRATS.

And the GODDAMN REPUBLICANS who never stand up to these fucking asssholes.


  1. I thinking CNN, MSNBC and other Lib media will spin this into a "Domestic-Terrorist, White-Supremacists" threat.

  2. Turrists? IN America? But, where'd they come from? How did they Get here? Naah! It's not even Possible. Unless you think plane loads of unvetted Afghanis might have included some America hating, alamo snackbar shouting,turrists.

    1. Huh, what intelligent deplorable could have figured that out?