Friday, October 15, 2021

More Doom and Gloom and Some of My Nonsense

 Our Economy Is Starting To Break Down On A Very Basic Level

What are you guys seeing where you live? Are shelves getting bare? Long lines for gas? Gas is sky high here, $4.59 gallon for 87 octane.And this is winter, it usually goes down in winter.

This week and last week my wife and I went to 2 different Target stores approximately 15 miles apart, 4 or 5 grocery stores, a couple of different Lowes(I am hunting for a specific brand and model of flashlight, which I found today at a Target and bought 3 of them). Each of those stores are jam packed with products. The only place I saw empty shelves was at one of the Target stores the tp and paper towel aisles were only half full. All other aisles were overflowing with product. Same at Lowes and all of the grocery stores we visited. So locally I am not seeing a crunch as of yet.

The flashlight I wanted was an Energizer 400 lumen HD Vision powered by 2 AA batteries. I lost mine somehow last week while helping my grandson work on his Ford Expedition. It is a good little flashlight, I carry it everywhere cause I need a lot of light to see these days. 

By the way, if you ever want to change the sparkplugs on a ford expedition, plan on it being an all day job. This is the second time I have changed plugs on an expedition, not the same one either. Both times took almost 8 hours. Two guys working one on each bank took 4 hours on each bank. Some of those plugs are a bitch to get to.

But we got the misfire stopped and she runs good now. That's what counts.


  1. I saw $3.95 a gallon locally the other day but it was at a Chevron station that has always been at least a quarter higher than anyone else around.
    I have no idea why anybody buys gas there.
    Down the road a mile and a half to the next two stations, Arco was $3.33 using cash, add six cents to use a card.
    Across the street at the 76 station it was $3.59.
    I get gas at the Arco then shoot across the street for goodies.
    I have been seeing low levels on the shelves around here for a couple of months now.
    Only certain things.
    Don't even ask what a steak costs anymore. Ten bucks a pound last time I looked. I am damn glad I forced the wife into a little buying spree a couple of months ago to stock up the freezer.
    You can double what we paid for it back then as to what it would cost now, if you could even get the same variety.
    For some reason bottled water has been consistently scarce around here for 3 months now.
    Since our rainy season has finally started, I should just go line up a bunch of empty bottle out on the back deck and wait a couple days.

    1. It is strange how that works. Here locally the bottled water is plentiful. Gas is plentiful too, just super expensive. I gotta go check on the steaks.

  2. It is important to have a reliable flashlight to turn on at the last moment when the booger-man is about to ponce... With your esteemed governator and other worthless california politicians are you and the misses going to enjoy being in the 18th century when no power, very little potable water and no cash? Can you tallow candles and collect enough whale oil to see in the dark?

    1. The power and cash we have covered, but that potable water is going to be a cast iron bitch. We have about 800 gallons stored up but no place to refill if we lose power to run the community wells. Got a river a few miles away, but no access.