Wednesday, October 20, 2021

My Son in Law is Fighting With Unemployment

 My son in law last year was drawing unemployment, like a lot of people. He landed a good paying job a few months back, so that unemployment is over.

Recently he received a letter from them stating he had been overpaid several thousand dollars, and they want their money back.


So he calls the number in the letter to get this taken care of. And calls. And calls. And calls. No one answers the damn phone. He counted up and he called over 200 times.

So he gets in touch with his state representative Jim Patterson, whose office is now trying to help him figure this out. But they can't do anything because the employment people don't have any info on this.

So last week he gets another letter about paying back the money. And he calls the number they gave, and calls and calls and calls and calls, no joy.

So he talks  to the rep again, still no info at employment office, so they can't help.

Today he gets a phone call from some "lady" at the employment office asking if he has called to get this taken care of. He explains no one has answered and she says what number are you calling?

Turns out her sole job is to call people to ensure they have the correct phone number to call about the letters they receive. 

Isn't government wonderful.

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