Saturday, October 23, 2021


 For all the Biden voters out there.  This is how much oil and hydraulic fluid it takes to service a class 5 combine, which is one of the smaller combines in operation today.  It also takes about 9 gallons of coolant in addition to the oil.  What you don’t see are the 10 to 15  tubes of grease it takes to keep all the moving parts moving during harvest season.  Off-road diesel is now slightly over three dollars a gallon.  Your food prices are about to go through the roof, but at least you don’t have to worry about mean tweets or the President of the United States offending anyone.


  1. Frikken people think food comes from the grocery store... It may be a blessing in disguise of this reset. People getting back to growing your own food or buying locally at Truck Farms that are sure to sprout up to help deed people and also learn to can, like grandma and maybe your mother did. It is a stone cold bitch to starve to death cuz' you too lazy assed to learn and grow your own food.