Monday, December 12, 2022

Do you remember barack obama's apology tour?

 BREAKING: Biden Official Sam Brinton Out Of A Job After Multiple Alleged Luggage Thefts At Airports

I know it is a long shot, but when SOME conservative gets elected(or re-elected) to the presidency, he should go on national and international tv, radio, internet, newspaper, and carrier pigeon, and loudly proclaim to the world: The United States is profoundly sorry we have been so fucking goddamn stupid as to let our country become this goddamn fucking stupid!!!

How in the hell could we allow this chickenshit asshole to be a member of our government? 

Oh wait, we got pete buttgig too! I forgot about him. Two peas in a pud.

For the luvapete, how about we just hire the best person for the job and not a fairy kleptomaniac??


  1. Ya gotta admit, that when you have to take out the bad ones, they won't be hard to pick out in a crowd.

    1. There is that. Always something to be thankful for.