Friday, December 23, 2022

It's more than disgraceful. It's Treasonous!!!

 DISGRACEFUL: Biden Regime Delays Paychecks to National Guard Members for Christmas After Announcing Another $45 Billion Giveaway to Ukraine

I was under the assumption that national guard members were paid by the state they were under. But if this article is correct the federal government is responsible for paying those members???

WHOEVER is responsible for payroll, this is treasonous. Deliberately withholding pay from the guard will severely undermine whatever readiness is available from them. Especially at Christmas!!!

Pure bullshit it is! 

And then now we gonna give what $45 billion to ole zelensky and buttbuddies?? Where did what we already give em go to??? HMMM??

You think ole senile joe and the hoe gonna get 10% or more??

That's a neat trick. One little ole signature and you get HALF of the value of what President Trump has.