Wednesday, December 7, 2022

I think they are trying to sell us something.



  1. My neighbor's brand new Toyota Corolla suffered over $3K in rodent damage. They had to replace the entire wire harness! The car was only a couple of months old. Ground squirrels got into the thing. This wasn't a car that sat around either. He parked it on Friday when he got home from work. On Monday morning it wouldn't start.

    Ground squirrels got under the hood of my F250 TD as well. They didn't chew up any wiring, but did decide to nest under the turbo. They chewed up the battery insulator boxes to feather the nest. I got lucky there!

    My grandparents had an RV in storage. It was only six months old. They went to use it for only the second time and found that rodents had gotten into it. The rig was completely destroyed. The rodents chewed up EVERYTHING! The interior was shredded and COVERED in rodent crap and piss. The wire harness was toast. The insurance company TOTALED IT!!!

    If you have a rodent issue, be it mice, rats, squirrels, or whatever, do your best to control them! Otherwise they WILL control YOU!

  2. Eric O. One of my favorite automotive bloggers. Keeps it real teaching FYI'ers one vid at a time.

  3. Now you can understand my passion for all these cats on this homestead . I see a rat or mouse and I'm calling Lynn the Cat Lady up . She brings me 6 cats every time she comes .

    1. I'm gonna have to get a couple myself. Rats are prevalent outside here.