Monday, December 5, 2022

Computers. Can't live without em anymore.


Around 1994 my two daughters approached my wife and I and said that we needed a computer.

My initial response was What's a computer? Then I said, well your mom is pretty good at math, how about that?

Anyway after doing some research we plunked down a couple grand for some kind of computer. Got internet going and we were cool city man.

First thing happened had to take it in for repair, they said we had a virus and wanted umpty squat dollars to fix it. Umpty squat is a lot more than doodly squat.

Got it repaired and got a virus software. And some other software.

One day one of the software quit working and so I called the support number for it. Me and the tech guy go hard at it for about an hour with no joy. Finally he said okay here's what we got to do. Are you next to a window? Yes I am. Okay open it up please. Strange but I did as requested. Okay now what? 

Now, he said, throw the fucking thing out the window!! He couldn't fix it.


  1. How many times? When I was sitting in front of a Windows OS computer. And was actually tempted to throw it out the (third story) window. Musta ten or twenty times. But being poor. Wasn't an option. But I came close. Real close.

    1. That first computer was saved from destruction on numerous occasions, only because it cost so damn much.