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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

AA Battery Test

 This guy does a practical test of which AA battery lasts the longest. 

I was quite surprised about who the winner was.

About 5 minutes in to about 11 minutes he is extolling the virtues of some portable power pack. The rest is about the AA batteries.

Here is the video:


  1. Two things to consider in the test you did:
    The advantage of lithium batteries is that the voltage output curve associated with lithium technology is close to horizontal until it gets near the end of its life -- then it drops fast to "zero"
    you saw that in the flashlight test -- it stayed bright for most of the time (high voltage) then dropped fast near the end

    second - with alkaline batteries -- you can't wait till the test is done, then remove the battery to get a voltage reading --they have a
    'recovery" -- the only accurate voltage reading is by having a voltmeter attached to the battery as it is being tested. They require a "load" on them to get an accurate reading
    The lithium does not require a load -- which it why the ending voltage reading was approx 0.3 volts

    1. I wondered about the voltage. It seems he waited a while to do the voltage check. I would like to know what it was immediately upon dying. Another thing, rechargeable batteries are only 1.2 volts, and some of the alkalines measured above that at endpoint.

    2. yeh, i use eneloops which start out low enough to set off the low battery indicator in some of my devices. they stay 1.3 for a good while though. i use them mainly b/c they are the last ones to corrode in my devices. they will too, but only if i leave them dead in the device a while. i've had the others corrode while still operating and ruined many an expensive item.

    3. I have been using amazon basics rechargeables. They are ok. Less expensive than the energizers.

  2. I've had good luck in the past with the Amazon Basics. I may have to consider the better Horror Freight battery the next time I order instead of just catching a sale somewhere I shop.

    1. I looked on harbor freight site for the edge batteries. An 18 pack was 6.99 I think. On ebay it was 14.99. The first amazon basics batteries I bought were white with green and those lasted a long time. The next set i bought were almost all green and are not as good. I cannot find the first style I bought any longer.