Saturday, December 3, 2022

You know we're in trouble when FedEx lays off employees at Christmas

 The Numbers Are Screaming That A Giant Tsunami Of U.S. Layoffs Has Now Begun

I believe that financial collapse is becoming a reality in our country.

Although it may not be as bad as the novel Patriots by James Wesley, Rawles makes it out to be, it will still be bad.

Will the country go into fulscale upheaval? And become Without Rule of Law??  That remains to be seen, but that is a definite possibility. 

So the questions becomes, I guess, Are you a grasshopper or an ant???


  1. FedEx is mostly delivered by contractors. When the contractors said they were losing money because of the increase of prices of fuel and replacement vehicles, FedEx refused to renegotiate. They said "A contract is a contract. You signed it. It is not our problem."

    Now it is their problem.

    Karma bites. Trukma bites bigger.