Friday, December 23, 2022

Speaking to Truth



  1. Its a sad testament to our society... look at the reaction from the black kid filming. He's laughing at the idea. Not thinking, not challenging his own ideas or asking questions, he is mocking the other guy.
    This is why there will not be peace. Look, argue and pick whatever side you want to stand on, really, its all up to you. Realize you will have to pick a side. There will not be any sidelines. But look at these 2 groups of people, and consider the topic of conversation. Do you REALLY see those 2 sides coming together in a middle-ground somewhere, peacefully? Is Alabama just going to "go along to get along" with NYs 9 month abortion bill? New Yorkers going to stop chopping up their babies? Do any of these drag queen protests appear civil? No, none of it. It will smolder and smoke until the point of conflagration, when a wildfire will sweep over this land, and one side will go about cleansing the other from existence.
    At least thats what I learned in history class.

  2. He's correct. In fact Elon Musk is more African American than "according to his fake Hawaiian birth certificate" Barry Obama.

    Merry Christmas Vern

    1. Thank you Bogside. Merry Christmas to you too!!