Thursday, December 1, 2022

This is Just Pure Bullshit

 Arizona Governor-elect Hobbs ultimatum to county board: Certify her election or face felony rap

How in the pluperfect hell can it be legal for the asshole in charge of an election to be the candidate for governor in that election?

Talk about grounds for a civil suit.

And another thing, why does state law mandate that a county MUST certify its own election by a certain date or face felony charges?

What if you think there are massive problems with the election? What about having a chance in court to prove those allegations?

Talk about bullshit. Look up bullshit in the dictionary and you will see arizona.


  1. One judge in Arizona won't let the Republicans sue before the certification , the next judge will say it's too late after the certification. The whole system is rigged. The Tree of Liberty is in desperate need of watering.

  2. Simple. The left OWNS the vast majority of judges and prosecutors and every Fed agency tasked with holding them accountable. They are quite simply above the law.