Friday, December 23, 2022

Food Prices

 I drove down to the local high dollar grocery store to get some ham. They didn't have what I was after. But for a change, at their deli they did actually have beef bologna. For $7.99 per pound. And they haven't had any for several months. When they didn't have it, it was advertised at $6.99 per pound. So I got a pound.

Then I went over to the bread aisle to get a loaf of bread. We typically eat Oroweat 100% whole wheat, so I got the last loaf they had. $5.99 per loaf. Which I guess actually the price of that hasn't gone up that much. 14 years ago the price of that Oroweat bread was $4.50 per loaf.

The last item I was after was dog food. My wife buys a brand called Kibbles n bits for the floor pissing dog. They had 3 lb bags of that, but they wanted $9.99 per 3 lb bag. I said the hell with that. At target store a 20 lb bag is about $14 or so.

Directly below the 3 lb bag was a brand called Maintain Chunks, never heard of it. A 16 lb bag was $16.99. I got that and the dog can go hungry if she won't eat it. The floor shittin bastard.

All three items were about $32 I think. Three items. $32.00.

I guess I am showing my age when I tell you that when I was just a wee little shitass, my mom would buy a week to two weeks of groceries for a family of five kids and her and my dad for about $25.00. Granted, that was around 1956 or so. But still.

About all I can say is Fuck you joe biden and all the rest of you damn democrat assholes.


  1. I just filled a 9-gallon "RV" propane tank this morning. It cost me $29.36. That same tank cost me $25.00 to fill last week... Same station...

    ...One week...

  2. The wife and kid buy their cat food at Tractor Supply. They get a 44 lb bag for $28.

  3. I swear to God we are Brothers from different Mothers.

    1. I do believe we think alike in a lot of ways.

  4. I remember those $25 a week food bills too, but our menu choices were a lot less then we have now. Three quarts of glass bottled Coke. a gallon of milk, one potato chip or Frito bag. A loaf of bread, Bama Apple Jelly or Apple Butter. Then two or three packages of fresh meat, some fresh vegetalbles (no frozen) and maybe a small package of cheese and/or margarine. All in paper bags, about 4 or 5 tops. All cooking was from scratch, we ate out maybe twice a month and that was mainly Church's Chicken or Mr. Q.