Sunday, December 11, 2022

I am still confused by the pricing of gas.

 My wife and I went for a brief trip into madera about an hour ago. On the trip we saw pricing at various gas stations and I am still confused as hell about how that works.

On hiway 99 and ave 12 is an EZ Trip station, regular 87 octane is priced at 5.05 per gallon.

About 2.5 miles down the road on the way into town is a chevron, selling gas 87 octane at 3.69 per gallon.

Union 76 on the other side is selling about 3.49.

EZ Trip directly across from chevron is selling 87 octane for 3.29 per gallon.

What was it last June?? Gas was over six bucks per gallon in some places, and high fives most others. 

Now it is down from the cheap seats and is pricing at some level we might actually be able to afford? 

Who the hell is manipulating this shit?? Martians??


  1. Different regions have different times when they switch from "summer gas" which has a lower vapor pressure to "winter gas" which has much more butane and has a higher vapor pressure.

    Butane is much less expensive than the various components that go into "summer gas". It also has less energy per volume. Summer gas might have 1% butane. Winter gas ten times that amount.

    The pricing at the pump may be related to whether they received their first load of "winter gas" or are still dispensing "summer gas".

    1. We have that out here also. But that doesn't explain the great variation in pricing. And these gas stations have had the same variation all summer. In years past the summer and winter gas price changes haven't been nearly as great as they are this year.

  2. Yeah, in south Texas, I'm seeing $2.32 / gallon for the cheap stuff as of this morning. I figured the low price earlier was due to November elections and am surprised to see even lower prices now. Are they finishing every last drop of U.S. oil reserves ?