Wednesday, December 28, 2022

We need a committee.

 Lawyer Harmeet Dhillon Claims Victory As January 6 Panel Drops Trump Subpoena

I am not in favor of congressional committees. They never do any good, gather very little information the general public doesn't already know but pays no attention to, and no one is ever held accountable.

However. That being said I would like to see the incoming republicans convene a comittee to investigate each member of the jan. 6th committee debacle. Put the fear of god into them somehow someway. 

Publicly reveal all of their little idisyncracies.

MJT to Bennie Thompson: Mr Thompson have you ever, or ever wanted to, sucked a white dick? Remember you are under oath?

Jordan to Liz Cheney: Miz Cheney, do you shove m and m peanut candy up your ass while extolling the virtues of democracy??

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