Thursday, December 1, 2022

I did a stupid yesterday.

 I have a manual hydraulic wood splitter that splits one piece at a time. It is made by a company called sunjoe.

It is a very good unit, it beats the one harbor freight sells all to shit. I have used this one for 3 years now. The first one i got from harbor freight lasted one year before the seal for the low speed pump started leaking hydraulic fluid. Their website has a place to order parts, but not for the log splitter. And I can't find a seal here locally.

So i said eff it and went to HF and bought another one. Got it home and unboxed and sonofabitch, this one leaked a pencil sized stream of hydraulic fluid straight out of the box brand spankin new.

So i took it back and returned it that day, came home, did a net search and found this for about fifty bucks more. Bought it and I am happy with it.

Yesterday I was splitting a  16" long about 4 inch diameter piece of almond wood. For kindling. 

Got it split in half easily, one half fell on the ground, the other was stuck on the splitter. A small piece had split off and wood was trapped on both sides of the v-shape wedge at the front. So I did what any macho man would do and reached down and grabbed the wood to remove it from the splitter.

Well shit that was the wrong thing to do. That piece of wood sprang backwards and trapped my little pinky between the wood and the cylinder on the splitter.

Can't tell from the photo but the underside of my pinky is purple way up past the first knuckle.



  1. Be happy you currently live in the era of ER's and antibiotics.

    That kind of error might be a life changing event sometime next year or so.

    Eye protection, gloves and heavy work aprons have saved me many times.

    1. I was thinking about that the other day, about what to do "When there is no doctor." I don't think I like the thoughts of that.

  2. Ouch ! That does look painful. Consider it valuable OTJT when care for it is much easier than the future. I hope it heals quick.

    1. It is painful, especially when I try to type with it. Hydrogen peroxide was my friend here, along with neosporin and bandaid.

  3. I could come down there and remove that offending digit, and I won't charge you much...

  4. Harbor Freight? Hard to believe, but all of their old kwap, was worse! Utterly worthless tools made in India and Pakistan.

    Bought a 20 ton hydraulic bottle jack there. Used it once. The second time? I noticed all the fluid had leaked out.

    Now? I have any antique screw jack (also called a railroad jack). NO fluid. Works like a dream. All cast iron, except the shaft. Weighs a ton.