Monday, September 11, 2023

After suspending the right to carry firearms, New Mexico’s Governor just said her duty to uphold her oath to the constitution is "not absolute"


And Here We Go 

Kind of like Sean Connery in that movie The Untouchables??? where he said "What are you prepared to do?" I am asking "What are you prepared to put up with in the name of so called safety and security?"

How can this bitch call herself an american?

She does NOT have the authority to ban carry of firearms in ANY situation whatsoever.



  1. She's a neurotic, obsessed control freak and that's a qualification to be a Democrat asshole almost as evil as Joe.

  2. She's a commie 99.9% of the Demonrat party. She will do WHATEVER SHE WANTS unless she is stopped. And at this point in time I'm not seeing anyone in a position to do so planning to stop her.

  3. She looks/acts like a store manager in any health food grocery store in north america.

  4. That she just had taken the oath and's like she crossed her fingers while swearing the oath..dunno, call me old fashioned, but an oath is irrevocable; all things being equal.
    Damn Democrats are popping up everywhere...

  5. So that law about state taxes no longer applies under democratic democracy either right? It obviously is not absolute.