Sunday, September 24, 2023

Government Shutting Down Soon. Anybody out there give a good goddamn???

 When they say government shutdown what do they mean? I think 99.9% of federal employees are still on the payroll.

Maybe Billy Bob or Joe Dan up at the Dakota president memorial get told to go home. But I think everybody else is still there screwing the american people right, left, and sideways. Without benefit of lubrication either.

So when it comes to government shutdown I don't really care. 

Now if they were to ACTUALLY shut down government as in closing all of the congressional offices, irs offices, fbi offices, etc. etc. etc. I would go stand there, armed, to prevent any of these cocksuckers from going back in. Fuck em.

Here's a you tube of Maria Bartiromo and Matt Gaetz goin at it.


  1. Shut it down and NEVER restart it. Win-win for everyone, including most of the world that suffers from the tyranny we impose upon them via the CIA, etc.

  2. Just a couple of weeks to slow the debt curve and then get a handle on this democratic democracy problem that has been thinly applied in 2020. Who knows we and the world could be in better shape after they get to serve three years as house arrestees. Do not worry were working on a 600 dollar onetime benefit package that should tide them over for years.