Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Who thought this was a good idea??

Colony Ridge: The ‘Fastest Growing Development’ In The U.S. Is A Magnet For Illegal Aliens 

Maybe Texas guvmint is having a sneaky idea. Get em all together in one spot, then drop a few tactical nukes on em. 

Of course that is tongue in cheek not in my ass. 

But shit is what this situation is. Not only do we actively BEG them to come here but we GIVE them things like welfare, drivers licenses, right to vote, let them be governors, etc.  But now we are giving them a place to live together and make their own little colony?

Fuck that, either send em home to fuck up their own country or kill em. I don't care which.

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  1. Plum Grove used to be a town of about 100 people; mainly just a general store and post office. My brother was a volunteer policeman there (he also worked in Cleveland, TX, the nearest real town). It's probably no coincidence that the illegal immigrant who shot and killed his neighbors a few months ago lived in Cleveland. I've driven through that massive colony in Plum Grove and it's a shithole.

    We had maybe two Hispanic families in our schools when I graduated from Cleveland High School in 1980. (Plum Grove kids went to Cleveland). Now, I'd say half of the students are immigrants from south of the border.