Sunday, September 3, 2023

FJB. F Democrats. F Covid. Oh, and Epstein didn't hang himself.


  1. You know whats the most amazing thing to me about that whole Jayden backpack gadsen flag patch thing? The sheer ignorance of the alleged educators.
    They declared the patch as racist and offensive because it represented slavery. That was the whole issue. Claimed a flag from THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR, was about slavery. 100 fucking years apart, 2 separate wars that founded this nation, and the teachers can't tell the difference... These are the people 'educating' our children?
    Seriously, anybody in that district associated with that effort that cannot prove they fought tooth and nail against it, should be fired, permanently banned from education, and have their degrees revoked! Its not about politics, its about FACTS! They're teaching incorrect information to our kids as facts. Like telling them the sky is green and grass is blue. Thats not democrat or republican. Its just facts.
    I mean its bad enough that any American would be so ignorant of their own history, but we've come to accept that the stupid live among us. But to act as an educator, to pretend you're not ignorant rubbish, and specifically to take action based on false knowledge... my God, we are sooooo fucked.
    If some blue haired tranny was teaching my kids true facts and history, I wouldn't have a problem. Here a mild mannered good loooking suburban white chick is maleducating an entire school, and nobody seems to have a problem with that. FIRE THAT IDIOT, WITH PREJUDICE, FOR BEING STUPID!

    1. Indeed; I saw the video of the kid sitting there while the mother argued with the teacher over the Gadsden flag. The teacher said that the kids were taking it as racist. Uhh... you're the TEACHER, lady! It's YOUR JOB to EDUCATE the KIDS with FACTS! Not to follow their "feelings" around!!!

      Funny; the fag flag is permitted just about EVERYWHERE, REGARDLESS of ayone's "feelings..."

  2. we had a saying in college," if you flunk out of everything else, you could always go into teaching." sad but true.