Thursday, September 21, 2023

You will own nothing and be happy we let you.

 Amazon cancels a guy for what his Ring doorbell said

What did his doorbell say? "Excuse me, can I help you?"

Okay. Crap like this talking doorbell and smart home stuff confuse the hell out of me. Why would ANYONE, who is in their right mind, let SOMEONE ELSE control what goes on in their house? 

Or anywhere else for that matter?

I can understand wanting to know what goes on at your house. I want to know that too. But dammit Jim, you can not always know that.

When you have technology to control your house, and you are PAYING A FEE to a large behemoth company for that privilege, you are a slave.

Jesus H Christ, take that fee, find a homeless person, and give them that fee, a fifth of Jack Daniels, and a cell phone. Have them watch your house. At least amazon won't shut THEM off.

I don't think yet anyway.

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  1. The only solution to this time of 'culture cancellation' is a lawsuit. For BILLIONS of dollars. Enough to get Amazon's attention. Nothing else will work.