Saturday, September 30, 2023

Holy Crap. Did you hear about this?

Some asshole is following a guy around a mall and won't leave him alone, gets shot for his trouble. 

The guy got acquitted for shooting this butthole. Apparently he did get convicted of a lesser charge, but the article doesn't say what that is.

Why would you follow someone around and stick phones in their face? Doesn't he realize not every one in the u.s. is a woke liberal?


  1. I believe he was convicted of a charge that is a variation of the "discharging a weapon in a public place" nonsense. It's like the Bernie Goetz case. He was acquitted of all the serious charges he faced but they threw the book at him for the one charge he was convicted of..."carrying a weapon without a permit" or some New York variation on that. As always. Regardless of the trial outcomes the PROCESS IS THE PUNISHMENT. And at last resort the guy was still in jail...even after the acquittal.

    1. Isn't that just a copious amount of horsecrap?