Saturday, September 9, 2023

I tell ya, I am just happier than a pig in shit.

 I bought my 2003 Dodge Dakota pickup sometime in 2010. I think. Anyway, when I bought it, it did not have a working keyfob. I didn't care I just needed a truck.

So since then I have just used my key to open and lock and whatever. But for some stupid reason this truck only has a manual key lock on the driver door, and does not have one on the passenger side. That is a stupid design I tell you what.

And for the last umpteen years I have just dealt with it. But recently the more times I get out of the drivers side and walk around to the passenger side to get out whatever I put there, and the goddamn door is locked!, I am starting to get some very strange looks when I raise my fists to the sky and start appealing to the gods of remote keyless entry! Whoever decided to not put a keylock on that side should be shot.

So last week I was perusing utube when a video came up that showed a keyfob like the one I have for my truck. And the video was about programming the remote keyfob with a dorman keyfob programmer.

I found several more videos about this, and some people managed to program their keyfob and some it didn't work. But I decided to take the chance on it.

I looked it up on amazon and for my 2003 Dodge Dakota I found Dorman part number 99164, which is a key fob with a digital programming tool. Price was $55. How much does it cost to have someone else program one for you?

I ordered that little sucker, came today. And now I have two, count em two, remote keyfobs that actually work! Hot Damn I'm Happy!

The new one I bought and the old one I have both work now.

Here is a video showing how to use the tool: 


  1. Yay!
    I once had a 61 F-100 I was putting back together and found another one for parts.
    It's the only time I have ever seen this on any vehicle I have ever seen and that number must be in the millions by now but that sucker had a door lock cylinder on the outside of the passenger door and there wasn't one on the drivers door.
    You couldn't lock the drivers door.
    Fuckin' brilliance at work there.

    1. Gotta be premature liberals designing this stuff.

    2. That was a "Safety" feature! It was to keep people from getting out into traffic! You'd lock the door from the inside and then slide out the passenger side.

  2. You lucked out big time and for cheap! Next door neighbor had to replace his key fob on his car and just the fob was $400 bucks and to have it programmed, $125.00...

    1. Yep. I have been considering purchasing one of those mid range scan tools. Those can program keys. Maybe I could start a side hustle programming keys.

  3. A 2004 Ford Taurus doesn't even need a tool. The procedure involves turning the ignition key on and off in a certain manner. It is in the service manual. Unfortunately this particular car which I bought used was ordered WITHOUT remote entry. Thankfully I ordered a copy of the build sheet first so I knew not to waste my money on a fob.

    My 2004 Taurus only has a driver door manual key lock. Use the power lock switch to unlock all doors before closing the driver door. Walk around to the passenger door and open it. When finished, hit lock on the passenger door lock switch before closing the door.

    1. Yep, that's how i do it. Except when I forget to unlock the other doors, then it's walk around to the passenger side, try to open the door and find it still locked, walk back around to driver door get in and grab the stuff if I can from that side if not walk back around to the passenger side. I am glad that this worked and now when, not if, I forget to unlock it won't be as bad.