Thursday, September 28, 2023

Governments gonna shutdown. Let's re-elect the same assholes to con-gress.

 Shutdown Imminent: Senate Stopgap Will Be 'Dead On Arrival' In House, McCarthy And Biden Not Speaking

The american people are getting hurt, somehow I guess, all because con-gress can't do its job.

The only people in con-gress who appear to have the interests of their constituents at heart are the so called HARDLINERS on the right.

Those hardliners have MY support. At least they are trying to get con-gress to do the job they were elected to do.

It looks to me like a large part of the problem is we don't have term limits. How long have some of these assholes been in their position of power? 36 years? 46 years? 

Feinstein been in so long she's having old age related issues. How about chuck u. schumer? How long's he been there? Cocaine Mitch?

Term Limits.

Gotta Love Em.

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  1. One curse of socialism is that they die in office because they refuse to let go of power.