Monday, September 18, 2023

Is this why U.N. helmets are blue??

 Blue things don’t burn when hit by DEW

Directed Energy Weapons. Do we have em? I dunno.

Do we use em? I dunno.

But I DO think if the u.s. guvmint has them, they are certainly gonna use them. Expecially with this crowd we got in charge right now.

If we have a weapon like that the assholes in charge gotta be drooling from their mouths, from their genitals, and from their asses. 

These guys would sell out every family member they got to control an energy weapon like this.

I'm surprised Mar a Lago is still standing.

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  1. Remember a few weeks ago, someone laser scanned the Hawaiian Islands from space. The news reported it was probably scanning the terrain. But, who knows. Now, with the fire in Maui, it sure sounds suspicious!