Saturday, October 21, 2023

FDA says these meds don't work

 CVS Removes Popular Cold Medicines From Store Shelves: Sudafed, Mucinex, Allegra, Dayquill ‘Fail to Outperform Placebo Pills’

The only one of those medicines I remember having taken is the allegra. 

Allegra did indeed relieve my symptoms at the time, and when they came back after the allegra wore off, I took another and the symptoms went away. 

Don't know about the others, but I will vouch for allegra.

Now I have a question: What do they mean they "Voted against the effectiveness of" these medicines? These medicines either work for you or they don't. And How Many Years have all these medicines been on the market? And they just now "Vote against the effectiveness"?

Has the profit margin on these gone down so much they gotta get rid of them in favor of higher profit OTC meds???


  1. Why do people STILL act like their government didn't just try to kill them off with an injection?

    Why are they pulling medicines that work off the shelf? They're replacing them with shit that doesn't.
    But, but, but, that doesn't make any sense?!
    Because you STILL think your government is altruistic. Thats why it doesn't make any sense to remove medicine from circulation. When you finally understand they're literally TRYING TO KILL YOU, everything thats happening drops into perfect place

    They really are trying to kill you!

    1. That sounds more plausible than the financial aspect.

  2. Big Pharma has the FDA in its pockets. Con Americans off relatively cheap OTC meds and then have the people hound their doctors for the high price prescription stuff. That's why you see 30 prescription drug commercials a day on TV...The "tell your doctor" chant is deafening.

  3. Yes....these OTC meds DO work. They just don't provide a profit for Big Pharma. And since the FDA is owned by Big Pharma they happily obliged them by banning these useful, inexpensive readily available meds.