Sunday, October 8, 2023

World Situation Getting Worse

 In light of the worsening world situation, I would like to recommend you get invested in some water filtration.

The video shows how to use Berkey filter elements, installed in plastic buckets, to make a water purifying/filtration system which will remove a crapton of stuff from the water. Such as viruses, heavy metals, etc.

Or you can purchase Big Berkey or variations of their filter systems, and others, to do the same job. Or. You can purchase other brands, such as Doulton. There are some that say they do the same job, but are less expensive. Do your homework and select the best for you.

Lowes and Home Depot sell inline water filters. You can purchase the replacement filters for those in charcoal filters or just plain filter. You can use those to filter water before you put it thru the Berkey filters to help them last longer. Charcoal filters can remove chlorine from your water, maybe you got blood in the water from your last battle you need to clean out. Two or three rinses thru sequential filters can clean it up pretty good. Then thru the Berkey.

Dirty water will kill you. Horribly. If you don't want to filter water, watch some videos or read some articles on how to make your water safe for drinking without filtration. 

Earthquakes, hurricanes, natural disasters should all make you think about the need to clean your water. Ever been without power, and the water system didn't supply fresh drinking water to your house?

Do it now. You never know when the army from south of the border and other nations that is already here in our country will attack. And you better believe that they will.

Those sunzabitches hate us. Don't really know why. Maybe the fact they are all too goddamn dumb to do what America has done to improve the quality of life of everyone in the world.

Without America you dumb assholes would still be looking for maggots in rotting tree trunks. 


  1. It would be a good idea to store some smaller easier to carry water filters in case you have to move quickly and have no time to disassemble and move your home unit. Sawyer and Lifestraw make such units. Small enough to easily carry in a pack. In fact, a few extras would make great barter items if things go that badly south.

    1. Absolutely correct. The price on those is relatively inexpensive. Carry one for each person.

  2. Berkey filters are the best, but they were declared to be pesticides by the EPA. There is a lawsuit in progress:

    1. That is the biggest crock of odiferous horseshit. Jesus Christ. They think they are God.