Monday, October 9, 2023

Our Government Strikes Again

 Berkey Water Filters Sues The EPA

Thank you to commenter Anonymous for sending me the info on Berkey Filters.

Berkey Filters makes water mechanical filtration devices. 

Apparently the all encroaching federal government environmental protection agency has decided that the lifesaving product Berkey Filters is now a Pesticide.

Even though it does not meet the definition of pesticide, at least to me. But the trillions upon trillions of rules and interpretation of rules related to pesticides may completely demolish an entire industry. An industry that has arguably saved millions of lives worldwide.

Funny how the epa can let a mine flow millions of gallons of contaminated water into a formerly clean river, but not send itself to jail.


  1. Ropes and lamp posts.

  2. The US feral government positioning itself to be the most evil gov't in the history of humankind. The "beast system" made manifest before our very eyes.