Monday, October 30, 2023

Can somebody explain this to me? Cause I do not understand.

 VIDEO: Teen Sucker-Punches Innocent Strangers at Houston-Area Park – Reveals in Interview Why He Did So and Calls His Actions “A Mistake”

Here is a scenario: You are walking, doesn't matter where you are at, some asshole sneaks up behind you and smacks the livin fuck outa your head.

What do you do? 

1. Turn around and hug the guy and shake his hand?

2. Turn around and say whachu do that for you big meanie?

3. Turn around and hit the sonofabitch with everything you can put behind your right fist? Then when he falls to the ground you kick him square in the nuts. Then you footstomp his throat. Then you call someone to come pick you up and take you to the nearest bar for a couple bourbons. After you put the pics on instygram or fakeorgasmbook.


  1. 4: two to the chest and one to the head.

  2. And Black folks wonder why some young, Black men were lynched during bygone eras. I think most of them knew why but didn't say anything.

    1. why do you think the South had segregation. you cannot live in a civilized society if the animals are allowed to roam free.

  3. I would prefer a double tap to the noggin'...

  4. Number 3 capped off with me relieving myself on his supine body.