Tuesday, October 31, 2023

The true nature of the world is savagery.

We need to stop lying to ourselves. A society that suspends both kids when one of them slugs a bully is signing its own suicide note. 

The title and the link are both excerpts from the article linked to. The idea of a school suspending both kids that get into a fight is stupid. That's what is called zero tolerance I think. Stupid idea.

This guys article is half about violence in israel and half about philosophizing. Personally, I think I agree with what this guy is trying to say.

The world is a savage place, it's always been a savage place, and it always will be a savage place. No amount of pacifism is ever going to change that.

Look at your childhood, and your adult life. Somewhere in there violence seems to be around somewhere.

I think this article kind of goes with the Kevin Sorbo thing where he and his wife say let masculinity come back into style.

Our country has been on a pendulum swing to insanity, but maybe it is slowing down and starting to go the other way. We can hope.


  1. This actually happened to my son when I was stationed in Miami back in the 90's. My son was sitting in the SCHOOL BUS, which was sitting in the SCHOOL PARKING LOT, when three kids got onto the bus and demanded his seat. He didn't go for it. Two of the kids sat down in the seat behind my son and pulled him back by the neck while another kid started punching him. Then the three of them started smashing his head into the frame of the open bus window. The bus driver saw what was going on and got off the bus. No one from the school came to intervene. My son tried to defend himself, but it was three on one, and again, he was being restrained by the neck. Long story short, my son and the three aggressors were suspended for two weeks. FUCK THAT! I was in the principal's office within a half hour. The principal gave me that "zero-tolerance" schpeel as well. We went 'round and 'round, with the principal finally tell me that if I didn't leave, she'd call the police and have us arrested. I told her to go ahead, that the more witnesses I had for the subsequent lawsuit to be filed against HER and the SCHOOL DISTRICT, the better it would work for me. Funny how that changed her demeaner... Yes, HER... Typical "woman with power syndrome..." My son was back in class the next day.

    You have to FIGHT BACK, folks!

    1. I'm glad you won on that Pete. Too many people wouldn't have pushed back.

  2. This phenomenon is part of the communist inculcation. I've heard Eastern Bloc survivors of communism talk about if you got jumped and fought back, you and your attacker would be arrested and jailed. Communists don't want ANYBODY fighting back, because as soon as you see what it feels like to fight back and win, you might just take on The State. Its part of breaking people psychologically to get them to submit to whatever indignities, deprivations and injustices they are forced to suffer.