Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Is This the Tipping Point? And my rant for the day.

 Israel Delays Ground Invasion Because US Is Unprepared to Defend Itself

Israel is going to do a ground invasion of hamas, I think that may be inevitable.

The bidet administration I think is delaying Israel's invasion. On purpose, I don't think they want Israel to succeed. 

My question, and I guess my fear, is that when Israel does go into gaza and start kickin ass and takin names and taking care of business, is that iran, and russia too, will defend gaza, and then we are going to be smack dab in the middle of a real honest to god shooting war. 

And not a damn CONFLICT like we had in korea, vietnam, the gulf war.

A navy war. An air force war. An army ground war. A marine recon war.

And quite possibly a goddam nuclear war. We got a buncha goddam fanatical stupid sunzabitches runnin the world right now, and we are so close to nuclear armageddon it ain't funny no more.

And if the balloon goes up over there whatchu think is gonna happen here? Asshole biden has got anywhere from 7 million to 15 million fighting age males stationed thruout the former united states. 

Is that gonna be the trigger that starts them raining fire and brimstone down on the mostly unsuspecting former united states?

Send 10 teams of 100 each, heavily armed, to 10 large airports. Let the killing begin, ala hamas style. Send 10 teams of 100 each, heavily armed, to 10 cities of population less than 5000. Let the killing begin, ala hamas style.

And 10 more teams and 10 more teams. Team biden has got enough foreign fighting age males in this country he doesn't NEED a dam election he can just take over the country.

Where they gonna get the arms and ammo from? All those federal agencies buying all those guns and ammo didn't really need them, did they?


  1. You make great points about "fifth column" attacks in America.
    Folks might consider having kit squared away for a moment's notice. I been preaching for a few years of keeping a pair of pants with flashlight, tactical knife, spare magazines and holster all ready to go right next to the bed at bedtime, along with some kind of shoes. I use a side zip boot, and always have a pair next to my bed at night. Communist coups always end up being very messy, vey bloody affairs. And when they send squads of Venezuelans or Columbians or Somalians or Syrians or whoever into our hometowns, they'll probably be wearing body armor, so learning the zipper drill might be a good idea. There's a lot more that goes into the whole matter than these little steps, but 10 cases of Ozarka water in the corner of the garage, a go bag and plan to bug out to the nearby national forest isn't going to get it done, I'll bet that much.

    1. Where I'm at every swinging dick and their uncle will be heading to the mountains. Me, I'm gonna bug in here. Fuck em. Too old and out of shape to go anywhere.

  2. This preacher shares the heart of Christ and challenges those who want the destruction of Palestine with the truth.

    As we head into world war three, it would be good to get good with God.