Thursday, October 12, 2023

When somebody tells you what they are going to do, maybe we should listen.

 Khalid Mashal, one of Hamas’ founding members and leaders, urged Muslims around the world in a speech Wednesday “to show anger” and carry out a “global jihad.”

Global jihad.

Damn, that sounds big.

You ready to defend your family yet?

If I was China, I’d send “hit squads” of 100 killers to airports, train stations and supermarkets in twenty major U.S. cities at the exact same time- to walk in with assault rifles, machine guns and grenades. Think of the fear and hysteria from seeing thousands of murdered Americans in twenty different cities across the USA. All at the same time.

I am of the same opinion this guy is. I know many of you think he is nuts, but on this I believe what he is saying.

I have said this same thing for years.

Things are starting to escalate whether we want them to or not. Better get ready. They are.


  1. Tom Clancy predicted this kind of Jihadi strike in his book "Teeth of the Tiger. Including their coming in thru the Southern border, and using Cartel connections, guides, and Safe Houses.

  2. With all the illegal border crossers there is bound to be a huge number of terrorists that have made it into the US and considering the way the 9/11 murderers were able to do what they did with help from those already in the country, for them to acquire guns and explosives from a fifth column is certainly in realm of probability.

  3. A lot of the "African" border crossers are muslim.

  4. The criminal leftists in power WANT this to happen. They will use to expand their power. They already have a long list of Executive Orders just waiting for an excuse to implement. And every one of those orders is designed to destroy our Rights and our freedoms.