Thursday, October 26, 2023

Once again we supposedly have a mass shooting.

BREAKING: Lewiston Maine Police Department Releases Photo of Mass Shooter – Suspect Robert Card – Driving White Subaru (VIDEO) 

UPDATE: Maine Mass Shooter Robert Card Is Still at Large – May Have Crossed State Lines into Massachusetts

(Let's see if blogger censors this one.)

Well, cue the butthurt from the normal suspects in 3...2...1...

You probably think I am insensitive. You would be correct. I don't give a good goddamn. Guns aren't the problem, people are the problem.

Government has made me this way with their continued overreach of trying to control my freedom. Government is the problem. 

They aren't concerned people died, all they are concerned with is control. 

If they were concerned about people dying, they would pass a law prohibiting motor vehicles and airplanes. More people die and get maimed from traffic accidents than ever thought about dying from guns.

I don't like that people who may be innocent of whatever this doofus thought they did are dead. I don't like that at all.

But frankly, I have other things to worry about. This happened in maine. It is not a national emergency. If that guy had not had a gun he would have found some other way to do the nasty deed. Molotov cocktails and lock the door to get out. Propane tank with steel nuts and other flechette type stuff and a road flare. Etc.

If I ever want to kill a bunch of people, I will deliberately think of other ways to do it just to piss people off I didn't use an ar15, which I don't own one of by the way.

In any event fbi atf dhs xyz of whatever flavor agencies are probably gonna try again to impose draconian gun control rules on the populace. One place I saw said they thought the agencies would  start going ballistic on us MAGA TERRORISTS.

Well, I have said it before and I will say it again: NO ONE has the authority to establish gun control. Not the federal government agencies not the states not biden using executive order. NO ONE.

The ONLY way gun control can be established is by CHANGING the US Constitution.

Why? Because the US Constitution is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. NO LAW CAN BE HIGHER. 

End of story.


  1. Time for the nitwit Joe to make the "Ban ARs and high capacity mags" whine. Maybe the asshole should have thought about that with the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle.

    1. I still think that asshole should have been impeached for that debacle. And then summarily shot.

  2. Another psyop by the alphabet company, known to the police, hearing voices, spent a couple of weeks in a psyc ward. Wonder what meds he is/was on?

  3. This guy was the epitome of an obvious risk. The people in charge KNEW he was an unstable person at risk for violence. He threatened to commit a mass shooting and stated he heard voices. They HAD him locked away for mental health problems yet still let him go...and KEEP HIS GUNS. This was deliberate. They wanted him to do this. The people in power want mass shootings. They want them to happen as often as they can get them to happen. So they can use them as the excuse to disarm all of us. This isn't complicated. Evil, yes. But not complicated.