Wednesday, October 11, 2023

How would you like to have a hamas style invasion in America with No Second Amendment?

 Israel Shows Why Americans Have Right To "Weapons Of War" For Self-Defense

Israel is stupid. All of these attacks on them for all of these years and they restrict the rights of their citizens to own guns? And now they are "loosening" those restrictions. For some of their people but not all of their people.
Kind of like what the gungrabbing gun control idiots here want.

You think we will have a terrorism event here soon in the good ole usofa??

I do. I think these people are drooling from their mouths as well as their peepee's in anticipation of the upcoming slaughter they want.

Remember those 7 to who knows how many millions of fighting age males coming across our southern border and then disappearing into our country because joe biden et al want them to be here even though they are illegal????

If you do not have a firearm yet, you better get one now. It isn't going to be too awful much longer before these democrat sunzabitches get their wish for fighting in this country. 

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