Thursday, October 19, 2023

BREAKING: Jordan Bails on Third Ballot

BREAKING: Jordan Bails on Third Ballot 

What do I think about this whole crappy mess? Frankly, I don't know what to think.

What do you think.

Congress is in turmoil, that's for certain. A good thing to come out of this is maybe they won't be passing any more stupid legislation. But. The Interim speaker apparently will have some sort of control just like a real speaker so maybe they will pass some stupid legislation.

Like the continuing resolution all the dems and all the rinos so desperately want, rather than passing an actual budget. When was the last time we had an actual budget as required by law?

Another thing to worry about. What happens if we get unlucky enough that both biden and harris get removed from office, ala impeachment process 101? With no speaker of the house who is next in line to assume the presidency? 

The Secretary of State is the most senior position in the President's Cabinet and is fourth in line of succession if the President were to resign or die.

And guess who is secretary of state? Asshole Antony Blinken.

Do you really want THAT cocksucker to be prez??

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