Friday, April 12, 2024

American Flag on Shirts Triggered LGBTQ

 Seattle line dancing team claim they were kicked out of a competition after organizers said their American flag-themed made some audience members feel 'triggered and unsafe'

My my my. Some people get offended too easily. And then the organizers go too fast trying to make amends.

My question is, why didn't the dance organizers throw out the ones who supposedly got offended at the American Flag shirts the women were wearing?

That seems to me to be the correct thing to do. If enough people start pushing back on this anti American crap, then maybe it would slow down, and eventually disappear.

It is time to put to sleep these woke assholes.

1 comment:

  1. It isn't actually anti-American crap. It's anti-reasonable-human-fucking-beings crap. And we ALL hate it. No wonder the Middle East thinks we are evil, because this anti-humanity shit really is.