Thursday, April 25, 2024

Are The Chinese Preparing To Start A War?

 You Bet Your Sweet Bippy They Are

I found the link to this story at IOTW Report.

Lots of bloggers have been sounding the alarm about the illegal aliens are here to start a fight. Not pick a fight, but start one.

Finally, when it's too goddamn late, more people start paying attention.

Too late is right. The article talks about chinese hackers are setup and waiting to disrupt our critical infrastructure, and how they found about 700 chinee illegals trying to come over this week.

How many did they let go, or let thru? 

I'm tellin ya folks, the fighters are here right goddamn now.

When these assholes take down the power grid, whaddaya gonna do then?

Any police we have are gonna be busy as hell to come to your aid then. If they aren't home taking care of their own.

This won't be a civil war. Ain't nothing about it gonna be civil. It will be illegal aliens vs whoever.

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  1. Back when Billy Clinton won reelection I had a dream. In this dream a little black man was driving around stealing the land, loading it all up on a flat bed. then a Chinese face was looking out of the foliage of a tree and I was hunting him. My view panned out and all the deer hunters were hunting Chinese snipers. The final scene was 4 deer standing by a low rock wall looking out over a recovered land, green and lush. The little black man is Obama, the Chinese are invading now. Part three has not occurred. In the final scene there is no government or any entity on earth that is "in control". Call me what ever you would like, but that is what I was given on a sunny fall afternoon while dozing.