Friday, April 12, 2024

Are You Ready for War???

 US Restricts Diplomats' Travel In Israel, Bracing For Iran Attack By Week's End

These assholes are playing a stupid game. As the man says, nobody wins a fight. Expecially a nuclear fight.

I believe that is what will happen if Iran and Israel start to duke it out.

If they do, U.S. will probably be involved. I say probably because nobody knows WHAT dementia joe will do.

The whole region could possibly go up in radioactive smoke, and if that happens, the whole rest of the world may decide to jump thru the radioactive gate.

The 12 million man army slow joe and the ho have let thru our southern and northern border will probably activate when this happens.


  1. I had a pleasant surprise at the dentist:
    The dental assistant was an American, born and raised mostly in Columbia. We spoke for a while. He was one of the most ‘American’ people I ever met.

    He has guns. “Don’t let them take your guns,” he leans forward and warns me.
    And he said, “I hate people that come to America and want to change it. They have more than a hundred other countries to choose from if they don’t like this one.”

    He knew our History, and how brave Americans have always been. But he doesn’t see that bravery he’s always heard and read about in the young adults now. It makes him very sad.
    Makes me sad too.

    1. Makes me sad also. The whole country has gone woke.

  2. it ain't gonna bet any better either.

  3. A lot of the rest of the world is watching you guys because none of us have a constitution that lets us respond the way you can.