Monday, April 1, 2024

Will the collapse of this one bridge affect supply chains like this author thinks?

 In the months ahead, U.S. supply chains will be hit with additional challenges.

My opinion is that the collapse of this one bridge won't disrupt the supply chain, by itself. Of course, my knowledge of this type of thing is less than zero, so what I say is just an uneducated opinion, and I could be wrong.

As the old saying goes, I am never wrong. I thought I was wrong once, but I was wrong about being wrong. (On a side note, who decided to spell wrong with a W?)

This is a damn big country and we have a hell of a lot of ports and railways and planes, etc. We got a lot of motivated people to see things go the way they should. So, I don't think this one event will do the trick.

The article is talking about a lot of cars that won't get delivered. Good, we got too damn many cars anyway. Maybe if we don't get delivered all the ones from overseas we could sell some of the ones we got right now.

I bet we could stop making new cars altogether, and we wouldn't even notice. There are enough cars in this country to last a hundred years, easy. Hell, look what cuba did with their old cars.

Now, our supply chain might get disrupted by this one event. But I think it more likely the 20 million or so fighting age illegal aliens slow joe let into this country might take this opportunity to fuck the shit out of our supply chain.

So now is probably a GODDAMN GOOD TIME to get to the grocery store and buy a crapton of food.

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  1. The failure of the one bridge and temporary closing of the one port will not have a significant effect on anything outside the local area. What will have an effect is when the next piece of infrastructure is demolished and then the next and the next.
    Military 101 - pre-position troops and material - done (via the importation and distribution of criminal aliens aka soldiers); disrupt communications - done (via media and internet censorship); disrupt supply lines - in progress; launch attack.