Saturday, April 6, 2024

Politics is getting way too much money.

 That dickwad joe biden raised 25 million last week. 

This weekend President Trump will raise about 50 million.

There Will Be a Record-Breaking $50M Raised at Trump’s Billionaire Dinner

I was listening to the radio this morning, and some woman was breathlessly talking about President Trumps fundraiser, I think it will be tonight.

She got to to the point finally and said, He will raise 50 Billion dollars!

I almost drove into a phone pole when I heard that. Holy shit, how do I get in on that action?

Let's see, on my street we have about 60 houses I think. If Trump's campaign paid each of us 1 thousand to put up signs that's 60 grand. 50 million divided by 60 grand is 833 streets.

I guess he would have to do a few more of those funders to make this work.

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