Thursday, April 4, 2024

Ukraine joining NATO? What could possibly go wrong?

Here Comes World War III: Tony Blinken Announces Ukraine will be Joining NATO – Pushing US Closer to Nuclear War with Russia 

I can only speculate about what happens next.

But I have payed attention when the rooskies have talked about using nukes.

Better start looking up places to buy radiation detectors. 

My grand son in law is in poland, on a "training exercise". What does this mean for him?


  1. Geiger counters are available CHEAP on Amazon and even

    That being said, it's very telling when our "government" is so willing to bet the ranch on Putin backing down from his position, given that whether Ukraine wins or loses its latest family squabble with Russia, it has NO BEARING on OUR national security... You know; like it's like they WANT WWIII to happen...

    Be ready for whatever...

  2. General Asseop will tell you it's all good that the bushy's and their deep state planned all along to break the deal not to increase nato.

  3. This is why all the Billionaire elires like Gates are building and stocking deep underground bunkers. You can bet most the the Democrat and many Republicans are on their "guest lists".

  4. Two essential reads-
    #1 is "Nuclear War Survival Skills" By Cresson H. Kearney. The original was written in 1979 while Kearney worked at Oak Ridge National Lab; he revised it twice, once in 1986-87 and once in 2001. I have the 2001 version- you can get a free copy online, or you can buy one from OISM-

    Second book is out of print but an outstanding treatment:
    "Fallout survival- a guide to radiological defence" by Bruce Clayton.
    You can get used copies from Amazon.

    NWSS has a design for a dose rate meter that you can make at home that has no electronics, requires no batteries, and is as accurate as commercial equipment and is NOT affected by EMP, unlike much solid state equipment

  5. So please, please forgive me this stupid question.....but why, oh why would the United States have to go to war with Russia.
    I mean is it to save face? Heh, like that stopped any demorat. Is it to "protect our interests in the Balkans? Oh you mean the money laundering machine for the demorats?
    Just what is so all important over there that WE need to die for it? I mean the rest of that continent doesn't seem to care......