Wednesday, April 3, 2024

LSU women's basketball decides to not be there for the National Anthem. Get their ass beat.



  1. From the Central Scrutinizer:

    1. The Lady Tigers DID NOT walk off court during the Anthem.
    2. They had been the locker room for some time before the Anthem was played.
    3 The time between warmup and the tip off was shortened for Network proposes that the Tigers were not informed of.
    4. The BS tweet that everyone references was posted by an Iowa booster.
    5. This is just more media sensationalism and part of an ongoing smear campaign of Kim Mulkey and the Defending National Champions.

    Bama fan here... no towel in this game.

    1. Dude is correct. When I first learned of this story I was upset, so I contacted an LSU insider and asked about this; the LSU women's team has (all year) gone back to the locker room at the 12 minute mark for last minute instructions. The national anthem is played at different times, the LSU bench was not vacated because the anthem was playing. Kim Mulkey is a Christian and patriot, and no one runs the LSU women's basketball team but her; if she says she's not political, I believe her. If I was to question something it would be why the facility decided to play the national anthem at the 12 minute mark, when they had not done that the previous two games.